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Colorado Developmental Disabilities Council

Colorado Assistive Technology Project.  Look at a variety of communication devices and try them out.


The Institute on Communication and Inclusion at Syracuse University provides a wide range of the latest findings on validation, teaching techniques, and trainings sponsored by the ICI


The Deal Centre in Australia.  Learn from Rosemary Crossley how FC started.


The Autism National Committee website.  Learn more about autism. 


CAndLE stands for Communication and Learning Enterprises in the United Kingdom.


Lopsided Hearts Ceations "Treat to sell t-shirts with world that wants to read my writing - free people, get hearts to open." Chris Patton


Autism is a World Learn more about the making of this Academy Award-nominated documentary. The script was written by Sue Rubin, a Facilitated Communication user from California. The director, Ms. Wurzburg, previously won an award for 1992's Educating Peter.


Breaking The Barriers is a good resource for people who want to learn more about Facilitated Communication—both techniques and ways to include its use across settings.


The "No Myths" PSA offers a refreshingly positive and optimistic view about life with autism. And it was written and performed by people who should know--individuals who are on the autism spectrum themselves.


Article in the DC Examiner by Mike Frandsen provides a comprehensive overview on FC past and present, including many references to excellent source material.


Facilitated Communication Books by Typers compiled by Judy Bailey 


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