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FC 1/18/93
by Sharisa Joy Kochmeister

FC is like a lifeline
for those who cannot speak,
it enables us to start to find
the answers that we seek.

A voice for giving meaning
to our inner thoughts and dreams,
for showing other people
that not all is as it seems.

FC is not a miracle,
a simple kind of thing.
It's more like giving freedom
to a heart that yearns to sing.

FC is an oasis
in a desert long and wide,
a healing drink of water
for the dryness deep inside.

I was so sad and lonely,
empty as can be,
until my mind was opened
by this very special key.

Now the light and sound within
are there for all to see.
I have been given something
that brings meaning out of me-
something very special called FC.

 Wet Kisses

By Jaison Hart

(Age 13)

The Light comes in my room.

Princess leaps on my legs.

Wet kisses wake me.

It’s morning.

A Special Place|

By Jaison Hart

(Age 13)


In the forest with my family.

I have a special place where I like to sit.

It is a shady place with green plants.

Trees are like giant friends.

A bug flies over my head.

I feel grass in my hand. It feels smooth.

It is wonderful to have a special place.


By Jaison Hart

(Age 14)


This is my couch.

The soft place of home

This is where I live.

Where Kyle hugs me

And we laugh.


By Jaison Hart

(Age 14)



Small, Tiny.

Glowing, climbing, weaving.

The scary monster eats dinner.


Having A Voice

by Mike Hoover


I think I need to tell people how I had a time in my life when I had very little chance to tell people what I needed to be happy and to be safe and healthy. The people around me did their best to guess what I needed. Sometimes I had the chance to point to things. I had other times when I could not communicate what I needed. I think people without a voice have frustration others can never understand. I love my family and my helpers. It is only when I have a voice to communicate the needs and the things in my soul that I become equal to them. I must keep my ability to communicate by typing or once again I will move to no more than a person who makes noises and echoes back like a trained parrot. I need to let you know that until I was 20 years old I did not have a complete voice. I need you to go for a few days without communicating with nothing more than a few pictures to point at or echo what someone says even if it is not the choice you want. How do you say you have a migraine if that is not in the vocabulary offered to you. The doctor may not think you are smart enough to understand what he is saying and talk to whoever is in the room with you but never look at you when he talks.




 The patient either gets mad or else feels less than human if this is the way their whole life goes every day. I think I need you to know how my life was opened up when I began typing with facilitation. I think I need to have the time to let you know how I began to tell people clearly what I wanted, no guessing by others. I think I need you to know that each person has value and the need to communicate their ideas whenever a choice is there. I need to tell the people who read this to think about how they communicate with others. Do they look at the person or do they look at who is with them. I think I need to have you think about each person as a person who is capable of being a communications partner even if the communication method is different than yours. I think I need to tell you to be patient and wait for an answer. I think I need to thank you for your interest in those who do things in different ways than you. I think I need to tell you that the things you do to honor others communication will enrich the lives of others more than you may ever know.


That's all for now. Mike Hoover



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