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Chris Patton 2003


I am extra vast and lopsided

I wonder how lopsided other kids are

I hear you in my mind

I see killer colors on peoples heads

I want to talk same as you

I am extra vast and lopsided


I pretend all mean people get fried

I feel free

I touch hearts

I worry about sadness

I cry because I am really sad

I am extra vast and lopsided


I understand the truth desease sees

I say nothing teaches needs

I dream great meaningful beings free my mind

I try to kill only lonliness

I hope great love visits me

I am extra vast and lopsided


poem by Chris Patton 1-29-01

FC 1/18/93
by Sharisa Joy Kochmeister

FC is like a lifeline
for those who cannot speak,
it enables us to start to find
the answers that we seek.

A voice for giving meaning
to our inner thoughts and dreams,
for showing other people
that not all is as it seems.

FC is not a miracle,
a simple kind of thing.
It's more like giving freedom
to a heart that yearns to sing.

FC is an oasis
in a desert long and wide,
a healing drink of water
for the dryness deep inside.

I was so sad and lonely,
empty as can be,
until my mind was opened
by this very special key.

Now the light and sound within
are there for all to see.
I have been given something
that brings meaning out of me-
something very special called FC.





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